Stay Cool with Gambardine Double Twist

Gabardine Double Twist. Cool, soft and comfortable: cotton is always the best choice for the summer. This Gabardine structure fabric is made with double twist yarns resulting in a strong cloth that is more highly set than regular twills and makes compact and durable. Contact your design consultant to learn more

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Tessitura Monti

Tessitura Monti can trace its history back to the 1800s when Giorgio Monti started producing fabric in his home workshop, selling it on public holidays Eventually in 1911, his three sons Evaristo, Venerio and Bruno founded the Monti Brothers Company. The company faced a setback during World War II when the brothers were called to arms. Despite the difficulties, Monti family managed to keep the factory operational and this dedication paid off after the war when sales surged.


Today over five generations of the Monti family have used the best raw materials, a cutting-edge production technology, superior Italian design to become one of the best shirt fabric suppliers in the world.

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How to Pick the Perfect Summer Suit

How to Pick the Perfect Summer Suit

The hot summer months can be challenging for many of us. A good summer suit must be able to be comfortable while still looking great. From the fabric to the colour, everything plays a part. You’ll want to look as slick as possible but without sweating too much. This guide will have everything you’ll ever need to know about the best men’s summer suits. 

  • Fabric - It is important to choose a fabric that is appropriate for the warmer weather. The key is to ensure that the fabric is able to breathe well and is light as possible. When it is hot, you definitely want to feel every breeze coming your way,  and the best way to do so is with an open-weave fabric.Fabrics such as seersucker, linen and fresco breathe well and help dissipate heat to keep you cool even in the hottest of days.


  • Lining - A great way to stay cool in the summer is by opting for a half-lined or unlined suit. A half-lined suit does not have any lining in the back (except for the top) and a fully unlined suit has no lining except in the sleeves. Unlined sleeves are uncomfortable because the shirt sticks to the sleeve fabric and restricts movement and are therefore not recommended. The fine weave of the lining decreases your suit's ability to breathe and therefore half-lined or unlined suits will be significantly cooler in the summer. An unlined or half-lined suit needs to be crafted with more care since the seems are visible and need complete finishing.


  • Colour - Navy and charcoal should always make up the foundation of your business wardrobe. Lighter colors like khakis and light grays will help reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Summer is also the perfect time to start introducing color, vibrancy, and boldness into your wardrobe.

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Linen: One of the World's Oldest Fabrics

The manufacture of linen yarn and fabric is a complicated process, one that requires skill and expertise from the cultivation of the raw flax plant to the combing and processing of the fibers in preparation for spinning and weaving. Linen is created from the fibers of the flax plant, one of the oldest agricultural plants in the world. The English word 'linen' derives from the plant's Latin name Linum Usitatissimum and is used to describe the finely spun fibers as well as to collectively describe the finished woven cloth and garments produced from this cloth.

Advantages of Linen

  1. Excellent dissipation of heat. 
  2. Hydrophilic: absorbs water and sweat and dries quickly
  3. Linen is very easy to take care of, since it resists dirt and stains, has no lint or pilling tendency
  4. Linen can withstandand very high temperatures when being washed or pressed
  5. Extremely durable

The fabrics in our collection are woven from linen which gives unrivaled durability and finish, creating the highest quality cloth of its kind. We also offer linen-wool blend fabrics that offer all the advantages of linen but without the creases.The classic weave construction makes these fabrics ideal for jackets, trousers, skirts or dresses. Whether it is smart tailoring or cool, laid-back casual wear, linen is quite simply the ultimate fabric for Spring and Summer wear. Contact your design consultant to learn more.

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How Canclini Creates the Perfect Shirt Fabric

Canclini Tessile was started over 80 years ago in Como, Italy where they produced silk. The mill soon shifted their focus to cotton. Canclini used their experience dealing with a precious and luxurious fabric like silk in the production of cotton to become a reference point for quality, styling, service, research and innovation in the production of Italian shirtings.

Step 1 Research - Canclini researches the latest trends and innovations to learn what fabric designs and weaves to produce for the season. Canclini goes far beyond the catwalks and researches trends from all over the world to ensure that it is at the cutting edge of design.

Step 2 Spinning - From 60/1 to 300/2, going through 80/1 compact : the choice among the best yarns is critical. Canclini only purchases the best cottons in the world, both in quality and innovation. The spinning phase is important as only precise combing and torsion can create high quality yarns. The yarns purchased are electronically checked in order to eliminate all imperfections and contamination and they are made ready for the yarn dyeing phase.

Step 3 Yarn Dyeing Phase - The cones are dyed in the selected colors, with machinery able to support the different yarns quantities and, once dyed, they are carefully checked in order to verify the correct shade.

Step 4 - Warping - The warping phase places the yarns parallel and puts them on the beam. This is a crucial point in order to make a flawless weave at a later stage. Canclini only uses state of the art warping machines.

Step 5 Weaving - Weaving is the art of building a fabric: it is the result of mixing of warp yarns with weft yarns. The mill uses more than one hundred and ten cutting edge, proprietary looms including rapier looms and jacquard looms allowing them to produce a diverse range of fabrics. 

Step 6 Finishing - Just like weaving is the heart of fabrics, finishing is its soul! Through the finishing, indeed, personality and shine are added to the fabric. This result is reached with the bleaching and mercerizing, with the first process it is reached the desired shade of white, while the second modifies the cotton particle, giving it its own special shine. Other processes are also carried out in order to improve its appearance, its touch and its characteristics. These phases, called, finishing, can be for example raising, brushing or chintzing; on the base of the need, there are also special easy care or no iron treatments. Finishing is a very delicate and complex phase and only the best mills are able to get superior results.

Step 7 Packing - Packing the fabric is a complex process and Canclini's process allows them to check every meter of fabric before it is shipped.

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How to Choose a Clothes Hanger

Most of us don't put too much thought into what hangers we use. Your suit jacket will be on a hanger for most of its life and choosing the wrong hanger can cost you. The wrong hanger will literally deform your jacket’s shoulders, and over time make it unwearable.

Your hanger choice matters more than you think and it is important to make this one time investment that will help make a difference to the durability and shape of your clothes. The right hanger will allow air to circulate around the clothing, eliminating wrinkles and keeping you looking sharp.

Jackets: It is best to hang your jacket on a contoured wooden hanger that can correctly support the mold of the shoulders and keep your jacket in shape. Wire hangers are too week to support heavier fabrics and will distort the shape of your clothes over time. Before hanging, remember to empty your pocket. A set of keys in a flap pocket can quickly create an unsightly bulge. It’s also a good habit to brush off any debris and inspect the jacket for stains before storing.

Trousers: Hang your trousers on a hanger with a dowel or pants bar.  From this type of hanger, a pair of pants can be folded in half and hung. Avoid hanging the trousers right at the knee. This part of the fabric is under a great deal of stress in normal wear, so adding to it during storage can cause it to wear out before its time. When hanging trousers, first fold in half at the crease. This will reinforce the permanent crease and reduce the chance of wrinkles from forming.

Shirts: For button down shirts, a tubular plastic hanger works well. To secure the shirt after ironing, fasten the first and third button. This will keep the button down from slipping off.

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Silk: The Miracle Fabric


On a hot summer day or any night, nothing is quite so cool and elegant as men's silk suits. This ancient fabric is still the height of glamour for men and women alike. Silk is something of a miracle fabric. When it is pure and organic, its soft fibers breathe and adapt to the climate so naturally that it both keeps you cool in summer and, conversely, warm in winter.

Wool is another wonderful fabric that can be cool in summer and warm in winter, depending upon the weight. However, wool does not have the soft elegance and flattering hang of silk. What many have known since the 1920s is that if you blend good wool and silk, you will have a nearly perfect suit, especially for summer.

Advantages of Silk

  • Excellent drape and luster (reflection of light on fabric)
  • Stain resistant
  • Strong but lightweight
  • As it is a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator, silk helps the body retain heat in cold weather and excess heat is expelled in warm weather. Therefore your body maintains a natural, comfortable temperature.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic; it does not attract dust mites and is a natural fungal repellent. 
  • With its' extremely smooth and soft texture, silk proves to be beneficial for those with sensitive skin conditions (e.g. Eczema).
  • Silk does not conduct static electricity, it reduces hair breakage whilst helping the hair to maintain proper moisture balance.

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Stock Market Suit

Check out this stock market suit by Masciangelo. The suit is made of bamboo fabric which is perfect for the upcoming season and features a unique stock market lining. Contact your design consultant to learn more.

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Zignone: Made in Biella since 1968

Gilio Zigne inherited from his father the family business in Trivero, and later moved to Biella, where he opened an important wholesale business, selling fabrics with an international distribution. Thanks to his profound knowledge of fabrics and to the exhortation of various clients, in the 1960’s he began a production mill with the name Lanificio Mucrone. In 1968 the company was moved to Strona and later became Lanificio Zignone.

Today Lanificio Zignone produces the finest quality fabrics and pairs up prestigious traditions with innovative finishes and high-performing materials throughout the manufacturing chain located exclusively in Biella. Every season the design team at Zignone releases a new collection interpreting new fashion trends in line with Italian artistry and style.

The mill also distinguishes itself for its sustainable production process which has led to a significant reduction of its impact on the environment by using water and energy sources and with the creation of ZONE, the first collection using certified organic wool - GOTS. Contact your design consultant to learn more. 


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