Cool Effect Sun Reflecting Fabric

Cool effect wool is treated to reflect ultraviolet rays and absorb less heat, making it ideal for warmer climates/temperatures. The innovative Cool Effect finishing enables the surface of even dark fabrics to reflect direct sunlight, thus keeping the garment cool.

Posted on May 11, 2018 .

5 Secrets of a Great Summer Sport Jacket

1. Pick the Right Weight: 

It goes almost without saying that a Summer sport jacket should be light weight. Ideally you should chose a fabric that is light but not flimsy otherwise you'll effect the drape and structure of the jacket.

2. The Weave:

The weave of the fabric is extremely important because a tightly woven fabric restricts airflow, whereas an open weave fabric makes you feel every little breeze.

3. Opt for Texture

Unlike suits, which are often used in more formal environments, a sport coat is a bit more casual. It helps you to look well dressed without being overdressed, even if others don’t wear them. As such, you should opt for a fabric with some texture which will add to the casual nature of the coat.


Materials such as linen or cotton are often used for sport coat fabrics for that reason. Often blended with silk or wool, these fabrics are usually woven with yarns or irregular thickness, which results in little knobs and irregularities. These are by no means defects but intentional because they provide the fabric with that distinct summer look.

4. Lining

Even if you have the most openly woven fabric, you will still restrict the airflow if you add a lining to your coat. Linings are typically added to a suit to protect the outer fabric and to allow the jacket to glide more easily over the shirt that is worn underneath. We suggest trying out a half or quarter lining in your summer jackets. The lining remains in the most necessary places which helps protect the jacket, allow comfortable movement and keeps you cooler.


5. Go for a Pattern:

Some great pattern options include checks, seersuckers, windowpanes, and glen plaids are perfect.

Avoid stripes, including pinstripes because they look too much like suit jackets (it can end up looking like you're only wearing half a suit.)

Posted on May 4, 2018 .

The Must Have Spring & Summer Fabric: Low Wrinkle Linen & Wool Blend

The combination of linen and wool fabric makes an ideal Spring/Summer suit or jacket because of its lightweight, natural fibers. As well having the blend of wool helps to cut down on wrinkling you might get in a typical linen only fabric. 

 Certain fabrics work best with certain styles, for example, a linen Summer jacket can be made in a Napoli cut or with patch pockets.

Posted on April 27, 2018 .

Get Twice the Life Out of Your Suit, Chose to Have an Extra Pair of Pants Made

suit suit.jpg

No matter what the jacket of the suit will always outlast the pants because we are constantly sitting (our weight rests on the seat of our pants), and walking in them (creating friction). As well the seams get stretched and flexed more than jackets, pant pockets can get snagged, cuffs can get dirty and wet.

Having a second set of pants is also a smart choice when travelling as the second pair you packed will be fresh when you arrive at your destination.

We suggest one pair with side tabs (see photo below) - this is the pair you'll want to wear when you fly as no belt is more comfortable and you can adjust the waist with ease.

side tabs.jpg
Posted on April 20, 2018 .

How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Cut for your Body Type

Most brands specialize in one style/cut fits all when that might not be the best for you and your body. Example: Zegna off-the-rack or custom fits well on someone with sloping shoulders but for a guy with square shoulders it will fight you and be restrictive not to mention that dreaded roll at the back of your neck!

At Masciangelo, we are one of the few companies left in Canada that specialize in different cuts and recommend the best one for your body type/situation. 90% of our clients can wear off-the-rack but choose one of our bespoke cuts which takes every aspect into account for a flawless fit.  They also love the fact of having their own personal pattern stored forever so they never have to hunt for the right fit again!

Posted on April 13, 2018 .

Explore Function & Versatility with Spring's Mesh Fabric

The fabric qualities of mesh make it perfect for travel because it's non-delicate, tear and wrinkle resistant. Mesh fabric is strong while remaining light weight, and is authentically made in Italy.

The Mirage Designs book is a simple expression of Spring elegance which through the use of micro design creates a multifaceted palette of colours that range from subtle, natural spring tones to vibrant summer hues. Depending on the colour you chose (darker tones) can be worn all year round as some prefer lighter weight fabrics throughout all four seasons.

Posted on April 6, 2018 .

3 Amazing Travel Shoes


1. The Chelsea Boot

Why did these unconventional boots become such a massive hit? They were simply embraced by prominent figures over the past century. From royalties like Queen Victoria to rock ‘n’ roll bands like the Rolling Stones and Beatles, the world would learn about Chelsea boots – and see how versatile and attractive they were.

Instead of eyelets and those (at times) pesky laces…you don’t need to do anything to tighten the boots once you’ve worn them. The elastic panels on either side (plus a zipper on the inside) keep your feet secure but still very comfortable.

2. Double Monk Strap


It’s really no surprise that men like the double monk strap. Right off the bat, it looks interesting and stands out from a sea of oxfords and other shoes with laces. The straps and buckles aren’t just there for tightening the shoe…but also as accessories.

More and more guys are using them whether they’re dressed up or down. They now wear them with a suit or something simpler (like a t-shirt and jeans). The extra details of these shoes can level-up a more laid-back wardrobe.

3. The Loafer


Did you know the loafer was historically quite practical? The hole along the horizontal band was meant to store change (hence the name “penny”) so schoolchildren could ride the bus every day. 

Among the three, they’re probably the most convenient to wear when you’re navigating through airports. You can slip them on and off without any effort necessary.

Posted on March 30, 2018 .

Sea Island Cotton: The Rarest Cotton in the World

The History of Sea Island Cotton:

Discovered in the early 18th century in the British West Indies, Sea Island Cotton is the tropical strand of the same "Gossypium Barbadense" plant that American Pima and Egyptian Giza cotton are descended from. The extra long staple length fibers allowed for smoother, more luxurious cotton fabrics to be woven than ever before, which quickly led to Sea Island Cotton being known as the finest in the world.

Today, Sea Island Cotton is regarded by many as an ultra-premium, rare cotton used by luxury brands for their finest products. The production is limited, and there are even differences between the cotton grown within the countries of the West Indies.

The cotton in Barbados is picked by hand to ensure the highest quality levels. This dedication to luxury means that only 70 bales of Barbados Sea Island Cotton is produced per year, with 100% of this Barbados production going to only the most prestigious mills in Italy.

Accounting for just .0004% of the cotton supply worldwide, Sea Island Cotton is the rarest in the world. Egypt can produce up to 74,000 bales of extra long staple length cotton per year, with 1,480 of those bales being their premiere "Giza 45" cotton. Just 130 bales of certified West Indies Sea Island Cotton are produced each year, with only 70 bales coming from Barbados.

The Journey of Sea Island Cotton

First picked by hand in Barbados, the finest Sea Island cotton must be approved by the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association to assure quality. It is then sent to Bergamo, Italy where it's woven into its final fabric form. Only once it has passed inspection is this incredible fabric ready to be cut and sewn into shirts.

Posted on March 23, 2018 .

The Sport Shirt: The Casual Alternative to More Conservatively Formal Button-Downs, and How to Keep your Collar from Flopping

sport shirt.jpg

Sport shirts tend to be more bold, possibly with patterns. They will have more detailed styling as well such as pockets, plackets, contrast stitching, button down collars, different size collars and more. 

Is the collar on your shirt looking like a plant that needs to be watered?
We suggest going 1/2 - 1 inch smaller on your casual dress shirt neck size. This will help keep the collar up and look more crisp. No more flop! A button or hidden button down will also help

Posted on March 11, 2018 .