Keeping with the bespoke tradition, our clothing is proudly handmade and tailored in Canada with the finest attention to detail. We house an exclusive collection of limited-edition fabrics selected from the world’s most luxurious mills


Matthew Masciangelo [CEO, Lead Designer & Bespoke Tailor] 

Previously, Matthew served as President of Lou Myles where he began his career as an apprentice diligently acquiring the skills and extensive knowledge in the sartorial art of custom tailoring. Matthew's hands-on training under the rigorous tutelage of Mr. Lou Myles enabled Matthew to perfect the technique of exquisite fittings through specific individualized measurements. Matthew also received mentoring by a number of other great master tailors including Manuel Martinez and Franco Guccione who took Matthew under their wing and taught him the critical aspects of the trade such as garment construction, pattern making, blue pencil, and styling. 

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