High Twist Fabric 

A "high-twist" fabric is made of worsted wool yarn that has been twisted more often than usual. These so-called ''high-twist'' or ''high-performance'' yarns tend to shed wrinkles.  These are the kind of suits that you can wear all day and then hang them in the shower for 15 minutes and they look like new. Although the high-twist technique was developed years ago, it has begun to appear only recently in lightweight men's suiting.

Gabardine Double Twist

Gabardine Double Twist. Cool, soft and comfortable: cotton is always the best choice for the summer. This Gabardine structure fabric is made with double twist yarns resulting in a strong cloth that is more highly set than regular twills and makes compact and durable. 

Hemp - The Environmental Super-Fibre

Hemp fabric or hemp textiles are made from cannabis sativa fiber or industrial hemp. . Hemp can be grown with little or no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Nothing is wasted in the production process: seeds are used to make oil and food supplements, while the stalks are used for fiber. Hemp also produces more fiber per acre than trees, and can be renewed two to three times per year making it extremely Eco friendly. 


Advantages of Hemp Fabric

  • Strong: Hemp's’ tensile strength is eight times that of cotton fibre which accounts for its historical use in sails and rope for the British and American Navies. It is an exceptionally durable and strong Eco friendly fabric
  • Weather Resistant: UV and mold-resistant, hemp is excellent for outdoor wear. Like linen and cotton, hemp is a cool choice for summer. It breathes well. It is recommended for warm, humid climates as the fabric resists mildew and absorbs moisture
  • Comfortable: Hemp fiber is actually more porous and breathable than cotton
  • Versatile: Hemp has the look of classic linen and can have the feel (depending upon fabric blend) of your favorite flannel. Hemp materials will also soften with age and with each cleaning
  • Easy on the Environment: Hemp creates one of the most Eco friendly fabrics in the world. Hemp requires no pesticides, crowds out weeds without herbicides, controls erosion of the topsoil, and produces oxygen. It is a renewable resource that can be cultivated in as little as 100 days
  • Hypo-allergenic: Fabrics made from hemp are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Current tests indicate that hemp is able to kill staph and other bacteria that come in contact with its surface

Introducing Exel Blue Stretch Fabric.

Following the incredible success of Exel, Exel Blue is a brand-new, up to the minute range of contemporary designs in 100% worsted wool stretch fabric.


The comfort and luxury of Exel Blue makes it an ideal travel fabric and it exploits the natural elasticity of wool fiber without the need for the addition of synthetic yarns.

This fabric is equally versatile, can be worn all year round, in weights from 240 to 260 grs (7.5/8.5 oz) and it is woven with exceptional Super 120’s Australian Merino wool.


Nano-Technology Fabric That Works As Hard As You Do

We are proud to offer Trecanto Sessanta 360° Nano collection from Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino. 

These Super 130 fabrics are made with pure wool yarns and feature nano technology perfect for a suit or jacket. This is the ideal fabric for the busy executive that is always on the go travelling across the world. Fabrics that keep up with them and work as hard as they do!


  • 100% natural, comfortable fabric that has evolved from the best mills of Biella
  • Completely breathable fabric to keep your body sweat free throughout the day.
  • Fully Antibacterial to keep you fresh even in the most challenging travel conditions
  • Water-repellent for sudden weather changes or unexpected weather
  • A crease-resistant fabric that follows the movement of the body and keeps your clothing looking great even after a long day of travel.

Top Dye Fabric, Non-Fading & Vivid Colour


What makes top dye cloth so special when compared to regular piece dye or yarn dye cloth?

There are three types of dying processes:

1Piece dye - where pre-woven fabric is dyed

2. Yarn dye - where spun yarn is dyed a single color

3Top dye - where the worsted wool fiber is dyed and then color blended into top dye yarn

Top dye yarn creates complex color that reads like an oil painting. Many colors are working together to create a hue with depth and character. Top dye yarn is dyed to the very core of the fiber, so that the color will last (and stay vivid) for the life of the garment. This color does not fade with time.