Shoe Maintenance

  • • Allow a few days for the shoes to break in and mold to the shape of your feet.

  • The shoe will get traction as the sole scuffs based on the way you walk.

  • For shoes with a leather sole, it is important not wear the shoes for the first time when it rains.

  • A leather sole needs some time run-in before facing the water, otherwise it will absorb and distend. A soaking wet leather sole will be less resistant and not that long-lasting.

  • If the shoes are completely wet owing to rain or snow, put immediately the shoe tree and lay them down laterally, far from any heat source.

  • Do not wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days - shoes should rest at least 24 hours before wearing again.

  • Always use a shoe horn while putting on your shoe.

  • Once removed, put the supplied cedar shoe tree that absorbs moisture and helps keep the original shape of the shoe.

  • In case a pair of shoes is not used for long period, spread a thin coat of natural wax - put them inside a fabric bag and store inside a cardboard box.

  • Clean, polish and condition the leather regularly to keep the leather supple.

Shoe Polishing

  • Dust the shoe thoroughly and remove all dirt and dust

  • Once the shoe is clean, apply the natural Saphir wax with the brush applicator and spread it uniformly using a bigger brush. •

  • Wait until the wax is completely dry and after about 10 minutes, wipe with a wool cloth and polish to achieve desired gloss.