Why Custom Made?

Custom-made apparel is the product of exact measurements taken for you, instead of an imaginary figure. Ready-to-wear garments, no matter how well altered, can never be as accurately fitted as one made by a skilled craftsman who constructs it especially for your body. Wearing something expressly created for one’s body and mind is an intoxicating luxury.After realizing what such refined raiment can do for him both physically and psychologically, it is the rare man who does not become a convert for life.


One of the first things you may notice when looking at a Masciangelo suit is the softness and quality of the fabric. Only the finest natural fibers such as S wools, cashmere and linen are used. This allows us to construct a suit that is unsurpassed in comfort. These high quality materials drape better, are more resistant to temperature and humidity and will resist creasing. Through our exclusive tie ups with the finest mills of Italy and Great Britain, we ensure that the fabric is stored in a climate controlled warehouse and shipped to our shop only on the day the suit is actually cut.

Canvas Construction

Masciangelo uses the finest canvas for interlinings. Comprised of horse hair, this is an exclusive light-weight construction that adds lasting shape and body to the coat front without the heavy stiffness of the lesser quality ‘fused’ canvas used in most suits.


Masciangelo suits are lined with Bemberg or pure silk. Neither will fade nor shrink and both offer unsurpassed quality and comfort.

Silk Thread

All sewing operations are accomplished with the finest silk thread. Silk provides strength, elasticity, and “memory” (it returns to its original length after being stretched) plus reliable color brilliance and fastness. Finally this holds up better against the constant stress of daily wear, dry cleaning and pressing.


Masciangelo uses only the finest buttons of natural ‘smoked’ horn and carozo nut.Made in Italy, these buttons offer durability and a richness of color and texture that are unmatched by man-made materials.

A Masciangelo suit is the result of many hours of expert craftsmanship. Every part of the construction is carried out the old fashioned way – by hand; from the cutting of the cloth to the stitching of the final button hole. Every suit carries over 20,000 individual stitches by hand – creating its unique structure. Our precious heritage is based on experience in knowing how to touch fabric, evaluate its drape and knowing how to translate this into a suit. With a tradition of over 90 years of highly skilled tailoring, the final product is a suit of unsurpassed fit, comfort and quality.


This gives the jacket its shape and structure. Using only the finest materials, jackets are constructed using a ‘full’ canvas. The canvas and outer fabric are molded in the form of the wearer and basted before being sewn in place with minute skill stitches. This is called a ‘floating’ canvas and allows the jacket to move with its wearer. Normal jackets typically employ a cheaper ‘fused’ half canvas method of construction.


The ‘roll’ on the lapels easily identifies Masciangelo jackets. Calling for a high level of craftsmanship each lapel has literally thousands of stitches that hold it in place and create the perfect roll.

Details – Button Holes

The result of high quality craftsmanship, all Masciangelo button holes are painstakingly sewn by hand using the finest silk thread to create durability and a silky feel. Additionally all jackets come with working buttons at the cuff. Should you chose to place a flower in the lapel, there is a ‘flower keep’ to hold the stem in place.

Details – Pockets

Whether it’s a simple besom or the traditional ‘ticket’ pocket, all Masciangelo pockets are identified through the crescent shaped stitching on either side. This serves to reinforce the seams and prevents the mouths from ‘gaping’ when heavy objects are placed in them. Shields: Jackets come with underarm shields and trousers come lined and with a crotch guard – details found in only the finest suits