How Going Bespoke Will Save You Money & More

Today we break the age-old myth of bespoke being unaffordable. Opting for bespoke garments will not only save you money, but have you looking even better than ever. A standard off-the-rack suit at most high end department stores will cost you somewhere between $800 and $5000. While a bespoke suit will cost around the same price, but with the added benefits of providing a more flattering silhouette, personalization for design, and longer lasting quality. Below we’ve listed how the added benefits of bespoke clothing translate into you saving your hard-earned money and time.

1. Money
Unlike most suits available on today’s mass markets, bespoke suits are canvas constructed. This means that garments are not glued together, thus creating longer durability, a construction that won’t bubble, and a more natural fit. This saves you from the stress you’d likely experience with an off-the-rack suit purchased from a general or even high-end retail store. It also saves you the money you’d have to put into purchasing a new suit.  

2. Time
Custom wear also allows you to have a trusted tailor at your beck and call whenever you might need to take-in or let-out your suit over time. Some bespoke clothiers like us also offer the option of travelling to your office or home, saving your valuable time and providing maximum convenience.

3. Individuality
Bespoke clothiers also ensure the luxury of limited-edition fabrics from the finest mills on the planet and guarantee you the exclusivity and individuality of customizing your garments to reflect your personality.

Purchasing good quality garments is a money saving tactic that bespoke clothiers can guarantee with every purchase. Of course there are times that the pricing of a bespoke suit elapses the price of an off-the-rack suit, but this is only because of the innumerable options for personalization that are available with custom wear; and despite the possible 10% pricing hike, the garment will still save you money in the long-run, and leave you more satisfied with the fit and quality of your purchase. Book an appointment for a free consultation with us here to learn more.

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