Scabal Since 1938

Société Commerciale Anglaise Belge Allemande et Luxembourgeoise, or Scabal for short was founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1938 by the German entrepreneur Otto Hertz. It started off life as a small company acting as a local supplier of cloth for men’s garments. At the time, the company employed just five people. Scabal rapidly acquired a reputation for innovation – in particular for its concept of ‘bunches’ which was a new way for tailors to present fabrics.

Otto Hertz  was succeeded by JP Thissen, who is assisted by his son Gregor Thissen, the third generation of the family owned business.

Scabal provided the fabrics for several films including The Godfather, Casino, Men in Black, The Aviator to name but a few.

Since 1938 Scabal has sold only the finest of fabrics made from the best raw materials. Scabal controls its entire production process – from the selection of raw materials, innovation, development, design, weaving and quality control to marketing. The Scabal credo is ‘We never cut costs when it comes to quality.’ Twice a year Scabal launches up to fifteen new collections assembling all the latest fabrics alongside our permanent fabric collections and special editions. This gives you the possibility to choose from 5000 top fabrics made by only highly skilled personnel.

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