High Twist Fabric

A "high-twist" fabric is made of worsted wool yarn that has been twisted more often than usual. These so-called ''high-twist'' or ''high-performance'' yarns tend to shed wrinkles.  These are the kind of suits that you can wear all day and then hang them in the shower for 15 minutes and they look like new. Although the high-twist technique was developed years ago, it has begun to appear only recently in lightweight men's suiting.

A "high-twist" fabric is great to travel with because it is very lightweight. The fabric derives these qualities from the ply of the threads (the number of yarns) and the way they are twisted together before the cloth is woven.

Although some natural fabrics, such as silk, wool, and cotton, have always tended to re-straighten themselves, most suitings, particularly warm-weather worsteds, are woven of yarns combed flat, which means they still have the potential to bend, or wrinkle. But experiments in Italy have shown that if the yarns are very tightly twisted together before weaving, they have a coil-like strength. They will bounce back into shape much more quickly, because each twist acts like a spring