How to Pick the Perfect Summer Suit

How to Pick the Perfect Summer Suit

The hot summer months can be challenging for many of us. A good summer suit must be able to be comfortable while still looking great. From the fabric to the colour, everything plays a part. You’ll want to look as slick as possible but without sweating too much. This guide will have everything you’ll ever need to know about the best men’s summer suits. 

  • Fabric - It is important to choose a fabric that is appropriate for the warmer weather. The key is to ensure that the fabric is able to breathe well and is light as possible. When it is hot, you definitely want to feel every breeze coming your way,  and the best way to do so is with an open-weave fabric.Fabrics such as seersucker, linen and fresco breathe well and help dissipate heat to keep you cool even in the hottest of days.


  • Lining - A great way to stay cool in the summer is by opting for a half-lined or unlined suit. A half-lined suit does not have any lining in the back (except for the top) and a fully unlined suit has no lining except in the sleeves. Unlined sleeves are uncomfortable because the shirt sticks to the sleeve fabric and restricts movement and are therefore not recommended. The fine weave of the lining decreases your suit's ability to breathe and therefore half-lined or unlined suits will be significantly cooler in the summer. An unlined or half-lined suit needs to be crafted with more care since the seems are visible and need complete finishing.


  • Colour - Navy and charcoal should always make up the foundation of your business wardrobe. Lighter colors like khakis and light grays will help reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Summer is also the perfect time to start introducing color, vibrancy, and boldness into your wardrobe.

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