Shoe Construction

Goodyear welt Construction

The welt, a long strip of sole leather, is sewn both to the edges of the upper and to the insole. The seam between the welt and the upper is hidden between the outsole and insole. This is the sturdiest, most laborious method of shoe construction that ensures the premium quality of the shoe. The Goodyear welted shoes can be easily resoled.


Norwegian Construction

Three seams are needed to complete this complex process. The first joins the upper to the insole, and the second joins the turned-out edge of the upper to the midsole. So obviously, in this process, the edging around the perimeter of the shoe and of the sole is not created by the welt, but by an actual midsole. Then the outsole is sewn to the latter, to create a single body. This complex, fascinating method, ideal for customers who want solid, sturdy footwear, makes the shoe highly waterproof.

Tubular Construction

Masciangelo has renewed this famous car shoe construction combining the convenience and look of the car shoe with the comfort of walking and city shoe.

The advantages of this construction made by Masciangelo are:

• the tubular construction with natural materials that give a high breathability and comfort

• the presence of a cavity in natural leather which protects the foot from the stress of walking

•  the leather combined with the rubber sole which operates as a thermal insulator, both in the summer and for the winter

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