A Recap: Tiny Signs of a Well Crafted Suit

little white balls.jpg

It's easy for one to spot a well crafted suit but few know the construction of one. What lies in between the suit is just as important as what is visible.

Little white balls on the inside of your suit are actually a good thing. Some think that this is the fabric wearing out but it's actually the canvas poking through slightly. This means that your suit is well made and not glued/fused together.  

This is more likely to happen to a loose weave fabric, like a Glen check versus a tighter weave like a Super 150 but no need to worry this will never hurt your garment.

On the rare occasion this happens, here's how to remove them easily:

1. Pull the canvas away from the suit fabric (you'll be able to feel it with your fingers) 

2. The majority should go back into the suit

3. If there are any still visible gently remove by simply pulling off with your fingers

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