3 Amazing Travel Shoes


1. The Chelsea Boot

Why did these unconventional boots become such a massive hit? They were simply embraced by prominent figures over the past century. From royalties like Queen Victoria to rock ‘n’ roll bands like the Rolling Stones and Beatles, the world would learn about Chelsea boots – and see how versatile and attractive they were.

Instead of eyelets and those (at times) pesky laces…you don’t need to do anything to tighten the boots once you’ve worn them. The elastic panels on either side (plus a zipper on the inside) keep your feet secure but still very comfortable.

2. Double Monk Strap


It’s really no surprise that men like the double monk strap. Right off the bat, it looks interesting and stands out from a sea of oxfords and other shoes with laces. The straps and buckles aren’t just there for tightening the shoe…but also as accessories.

More and more guys are using them whether they’re dressed up or down. They now wear them with a suit or something simpler (like a t-shirt and jeans). The extra details of these shoes can level-up a more laid-back wardrobe.

3. The Loafer


Did you know the loafer was historically quite practical? The hole along the horizontal band was meant to store change (hence the name “penny”) so schoolchildren could ride the bus every day. 

Among the three, they’re probably the most convenient to wear when you’re navigating through airports. You can slip them on and off without any effort necessary.