Does Your Tailor Talk Posture?

Your whole life you’re told “stand-up straight, don’t slouch, chin up,” and as redundant, and annoying as it may sound, it’s true, especially when it comes to crafting a well-tailored suit. A good tailor considers body posture to be one of the most critical aspects of a suit. There are many tailors that fail to realize its importance, and that makes them unfit to suit you up.

There are three types of body postures for a clothier to consider: erect, stooping, and regular. A garment should be manipulated to counteract the posture of the individual. With an erect body posture, a jacket that is not adjusted accordingly will look boxy. The suit jacket must be longer in the front and shorter in the back to counteract an erect posture. With a stooping body posture, the suit jacket must be longer in the back and shorter in the front. If not compensated, the jacket will look off balance and will break across the chest. The jacket front length on an average regular body should always be longer than the back, not leveled, and definitely not shorter. If your clothier has never taken your posture into consideration, then it’s time to find a new one, because you can’t create a perfect silhouette with an imperfectly crafted suit.

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