How to Travel with Your Suits

The biggest mistake a man can make when travelling with his suits is to simply fold them into his suitcase. That suit he just packed into his suitcase has now lost its form, suffered from wrinkles, and looks nothing like the original suit he invested in. Yes, we know that suits don’t come with care guide instructions, but that’s what we’re here for. You asked, so we’re telling you:  how to maintain your suit’s form while getting it from point A to B.

What to Pack

Try to avoid packing cotton suits when traveling because they wrinkle more than other fabric types, and be sure to pack at least two ensembles with enough versatility to provide four different looks. For instance, with a plain charcoal grey suit and a navy windowed suit, you can wear the grey suit pants with the navy check suit jacket and pull it off as a sport jacket combo, and each suit jacket can be paired with jeans for a more laid back look.

In the Suitcase

A suit jacket should be preserved within a suit traveling bag (preferably a mesh traveling suit bag which breathes well) before being placed in your suitcase. Storing your suit jacket in a plastic bag is fine, as long as there are a few holes available for the suit to breathe. For a more compact fit, turn one shoulder inside-out, being careful not to pull the sleeve through. Next, carefully push the other half of the jacket into the inside-out shoulder. With the jacket’s lining now facing outward, both shoulders are protected against pressure, and when folded once in the middle, the jacket becomes a handy-sized, non-sensitive package that fits into any travel case.

At the Hotel 

When you arrive at the hotel, hang your suit jackets separately. Next, hang them in the washroom and turn the shower on; the steam from the shower will cause any creases burdening a well-made suit to fall right out! Then, store them in a cool place until you’re ready to take them for a spin.

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