Seersucker: The Perfect Fabric For Summer

Seersucker is the quintessential warm-weather fabric known for its crinkled texture and breezy quality. Seersucker is made with a unique cotton weave that causes the thread to bunch together in some places, giving the fabric its trademark bumpy appearance (called “pucker”). Typically, the pattern on seersucker alternates between smooth and puckered pinstripes, though the puckering pattern can be checkered as well.

This alternating puckering pattern, combined with the lightweight cotton fabric, is what gives seersucker its trademark cooling property. The puckering causes more of the fabric to be held away from the body, improving heat dissipation and allowing greater air circulation between you and your clothes.Seersucker is easily washable, you never have to press it, and no other suit will keep you cooler during the warm months making it the perfect fabric for the summer.Contact your design consultant to learn more.