Zignone: Made in Biella since 1968

Gilio Zigne inherited from his father the family business in Trivero, and later moved to Biella, where he opened an important wholesale business, selling fabrics with an international distribution. Thanks to his profound knowledge of fabrics and to the exhortation of various clients, in the 1960’s he began a production mill with the name Lanificio Mucrone. In 1968 the company was moved to Strona and later became Lanificio Zignone.

Today Lanificio Zignone produces the finest quality fabrics and pairs up prestigious traditions with innovative finishes and high-performing materials throughout the manufacturing chain located exclusively in Biella. Every season the design team at Zignone releases a new collection interpreting new fashion trends in line with Italian artistry and style.

The mill also distinguishes itself for its sustainable production process which has led to a significant reduction of its impact on the environment by using water and energy sources and with the creation of ZONE, the first collection using certified organic wool - GOTS. Contact your design consultant to learn more.