How Canclini Creates the Perfect Shirt Fabric

Canclini Tessile was started over 80 years ago in Como, Italy where they produced silk. The mill soon shifted their focus to cotton. Canclini used their experience dealing with a precious and luxurious fabric like silk in the production of cotton to become a reference point for quality, styling, service, research and innovation in the production of Italian shirtings.

Step 1 Research - Canclini researches the latest trends and innovations to learn what fabric designs and weaves to produce for the season. Canclini goes far beyond the catwalks and researches trends from all over the world to ensure that it is at the cutting edge of design.

Step 2 Spinning - From 60/1 to 300/2, going through 80/1 compact : the choice among the best yarns is critical. Canclini only purchases the best cottons in the world, both in quality and innovation. The spinning phase is important as only precise combing and torsion can create high quality yarns. The yarns purchased are electronically checked in order to eliminate all imperfections and contamination and they are made ready for the yarn dyeing phase.

Step 3 Yarn Dyeing Phase - The cones are dyed in the selected colors, with machinery able to support the different yarns quantities and, once dyed, they are carefully checked in order to verify the correct shade.

Step 4 - Warping - The warping phase places the yarns parallel and puts them on the beam. This is a crucial point in order to make a flawless weave at a later stage. Canclini only uses state of the art warping machines.

Step 5 Weaving - Weaving is the art of building a fabric: it is the result of mixing of warp yarns with weft yarns. The mill uses more than one hundred and ten cutting edge, proprietary looms including rapier looms and jacquard looms allowing them to produce a diverse range of fabrics. 

Step 6 Finishing - Just like weaving is the heart of fabrics, finishing is its soul! Through the finishing, indeed, personality and shine are added to the fabric. This result is reached with the bleaching and mercerizing, with the first process it is reached the desired shade of white, while the second modifies the cotton particle, giving it its own special shine. Other processes are also carried out in order to improve its appearance, its touch and its characteristics. These phases, called, finishing, can be for example raising, brushing or chintzing; on the base of the need, there are also special easy care or no iron treatments. Finishing is a very delicate and complex phase and only the best mills are able to get superior results.

Step 7 Packing - Packing the fabric is a complex process and Canclini's process allows them to check every meter of fabric before it is shipped.

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