How to Choose a Clothes Hanger

Most of us don't put too much thought into what hangers we use. Your suit jacket will be on a hanger for most of its life and choosing the wrong hanger can cost you. The wrong hanger will literally deform your jacket’s shoulders, and over time make it unwearable.

Your hanger choice matters more than you think and it is important to make this one time investment that will help make a difference to the durability and shape of your clothes. The right hanger will allow air to circulate around the clothing, eliminating wrinkles and keeping you looking sharp.

Jackets: It is best to hang your jacket on a contoured wooden hanger that can correctly support the mold of the shoulders and keep your jacket in shape. Wire hangers are too week to support heavier fabrics and will distort the shape of your clothes over time. Before hanging, remember to empty your pocket. A set of keys in a flap pocket can quickly create an unsightly bulge. It’s also a good habit to brush off any debris and inspect the jacket for stains before storing.

Trousers: Hang your trousers on a hanger with a dowel or pants bar.  From this type of hanger, a pair of pants can be folded in half and hung. Avoid hanging the trousers right at the knee. This part of the fabric is under a great deal of stress in normal wear, so adding to it during storage can cause it to wear out before its time. When hanging trousers, first fold in half at the crease. This will reinforce the permanent crease and reduce the chance of wrinkles from forming.

Shirts: For button down shirts, a tubular plastic hanger works well. To secure the shirt after ironing, fasten the first and third button. This will keep the button down from slipping off.

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