7 Ways You Might Not be Maximizing Your Wardrobe


1. Keep Your Closet Fresh and Pest Free

  • Cedar closet fresheners take up very little space and provide a forest fresh scent with insect protection
  • Removes moisture from the air and clothes

2. Storage

  • Garment Bags
    • Always store your off season clothing in a garment bag
    • Never transport your clothing without a garment bag
  • Rotate the garments in your main closet according to season

    3.  Cleaning Your Suit

    • Send your garments to a reputed cleaner only as needed
    • Air out and spot clean garments with a damp cloth to get rid of stains and odours. 
    • Remember: dry-cleaning is a chemical process – whether or not it’s organic – and has an affect on the cloth of your suit!

    4. Coat Brush

    • Releases dirt and helps keep the integrity of the suit 
    • Regular brushing will get into the fabric without damaging it
    • Pick a brush that is not too stiff or too soft, made by hand with natural bristles.
    • Lint rollers pull out fibers and promote pilling and only pick up the surface dirt

    5.  Shoe Accessory Must-Haves

    • Always use cedar shoe trees as they absorb moisture and odours
    • Alternate your shoes so that they have a chance to decompress
    • Have your shoes shined and leather conditioned regularly
    • Never put your shoes on without a shoe horn

    6. Quality Hangers

    • Use specific hangers for your suits, pants and dress shirts. 
      • Suit Hangers should have wide shoulder pads to protect your jacket shoulders and a sturdy, thick trouser bar.
      • Pant Hangers should keep your trousers in place and not falling off the hanger
      • Shirt Hangers should prevent creasing and wrinkles . (Toss those wire hangers!)
    • Click here to see our guide on how to choose the correct hangers.

    7. Create the Ultimate Wardrobe

    • Have an outfit for every occasion and season
    • Contact us to learn more about how to build your ultimate wardrobe
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