Nano-Technology Fabric That Works As Hard As You Do

We are proud to offer Trecanto Sessanta 360° Nano collection from Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino. 

These Super 130 fabrics are made with pure wool yarns and feature nano technology perfect for a suit or jacket. This is the ideal fabric for the busy executive that is always on the go travelling across the world. Fabrics that keep up with them and work as hard as they do!

suit suit.jpg
  • 100% natural, comfortable fabric that has evolved from the best mills of Biella
  • Completely breathable fabric to keep your body sweat free throughout the day.
  • Fully Antibacterial to keep you fresh even in the most challenging travel conditions
  • Water-repellent for sudden weather changes or unexpected weather
  • A crease-resistant fabric that follows the movement of the body and keeps your clothing looking great even after a long day of travel.
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